Blackberry Device Troubleshooting

The BlackBerry device not receiving mails
A blackberry device is not receiving messages even though the last contacted time is showing is the latest time on BES.

Possible Cause
An email with a combination of plain and rich text “may” have caused an invalid Sync state error for the user
The following is a sample of the BlackBerry Synchronization Service log file:

AUBB_MAGT log  .( C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Enterprise Server\Logs)

“(02/01 13:41:43.805):{0x1598} Thread:  *** No Response ***  Thread Id=0x1740, Handle=0x744, WaitCount=176, Last Activity: Scanning for new mail for user Andrew GALL/HAW/AU/Impraus”

  * The Way to Find out Root Cause
  1. Each time when device stop receiving messages with the same scenario, Check for the last 5 message delivered on the device and attachments in it.

  2. Check for the attachment/message format compatibility with messaging environment and BES supported formats.

RIM Recommended Resolution
To resolve this issue, upgrade the BlackBerry Enterprise Server software to 4.1.6 or with latest 5.0 (Impress has BPS and there is no 4.1.6 upgrade)

Steps to troubleshoot
  1. Hard reset the blackberry device by taking off battery in insert again.
  2. Check for the services activated on SIM (it has to appear EDGE or 3GBB in caps at screen on the device)
  3. Send a test mail to the id configured on device.
  4. If message not received on device, send PIN to PIN message. If PIN message not received, check with operator (ISP) for services to get device registered on wireless network.
  5.   If PIN message received on device, check for free space available on device in Options-status menu.
  6. If free space not available, make some free space on device and then test. Don’t know if this is required on newer device?. They manage space pretty well automatically.

  7. And if free space available then check log.nsf and on BES logs for state database corruption.

  8. If...