Black Hole

“Telescope Discovers Surprising Hole in Space”
What was thought to be a dense cloud of dust has now been discovered to actually be a hole in space. This has given astronomers a new look at the star-forming process. Stars are created in clouds of dust and gas, but the way stars are actually formed from these components is not yet understood.
Found in a black sky, there is a green-tinted cloud with a dark spot in the middle. There has not been another phenomenon like this one before, so the best explanation scientists have is that neighboring stars must have blown a hole through the cloud. Also, radiation from a more mature cloud could have helped develop the gap.
Whatever the cause was, this discovery is opening up a new branch of study for scientists looking for star-formation theories. It may help them find how stars leave their birth-clouds and mature.
The reason they found this hole in the first place was because of Herschel, the largest and most powerful telescope to date. The astronomers were originally studying nearby young stars when they stumbled upon the glowing gas surrounding the hole.
This is a very interesting topic, mostly because not much is known about it. Astronomers have been studying star-formation for many years, but for some unknown reason, stars tend to be one of the most difficult topics in space to explain. The hole they have found could be the push to help scientists find out more about star-formation and our universe.
If astronomers can find out more about this empty hole, so much more is possible. They can decipher the rest of the star-forming process and study all the steps individually. It will be possible to study the beginning formation, the growing star, and then the final step, the star leaving its birth cloud. When scientists discover this, maybe they can receive a greater understanding of our own Sun, and possible even larger stars. If we learn how to understand our Sun, and other stars, we can even possibly trace it back to...