Black Empowerment

We as a people have a growing problem: the lack of financial awareness. Over the past few years, an increasing number of people within our community have failed to plan properly for the future. It is extremely important that minorities make steps that lead to financial security and economic empowerment.
Black businesses are having difficulty in this economy because we are not in this economy because we are not producing well trained professionals such as doctors, lawyers, engineers, accountants, and computer scientists. With the proper education, our community can reach the level where it can again be important in the modern American society. This would give a stronger voice to black senators, representatives, governors, and mayors.
A good economic policy would help create new jobs. Current levels of unemployment are among the highest ever recorded. Our community is experiencing extreme high levels of layoffs due to the declining economic conditions over the past two years. A lot of people are seeking lower paying jobs to try to support their families. Many people are trying to open new businesses but are having trouble getting loans and licenses. Some of our tax dollars collected could be put to good use by creating business groups that would work with black owned businesses to obtain the funds needed and secure the right licenses.
The Labor Relations Act should be changed. Employers should not be able to lay off workers so easily. For example, large companies should have to pay laid-off employees severance pay for every year of service. If this were to happen, more companies who look for other options because it will affect their own budgets.   Instead of just paying unemployment benefits, the government should put more money into funding more programs like WIA (Workforce Investment Act) that would train or retrain people in areas where layoffs are occurring.
We, as Black Americans, are in an economic battle.   The key to victory is information.   We need to...