Child abuse is a complex and serious problem affecting the most vulnerable in our society. In most situations a child is reluctant or too afraid to report abuse, and for many children, when they finally do mention it, they are not believed.

It is much easier for most parents to talk to children about sexual abuse if the children already have some basic sex education and knows the correct names for their bodies sexual parts. Having this knowledge enables children to tell the difference between sexual abuse and healthy sexuality. It helps to teach children the big difference between the touch of someone who is showing them affection and the touch or approaches of someone who is trying to take sexual advantage of them.

It is vitally important we strongly educate children on 'stranger danger' and the need to be constantly aware. Child abuse refers to the non-accidental physical injury, neglect, emotional abuse, and sexual exploitation of a child. In its most serious form, child abuse can result in the death of a child.

Parents mistakenly believe child abuse will never involve their own child, usually because mum and dad believe their family and friends are completely trustworthy or because "this sort of thing" doesn't happen in our neighbourhood or community.

In every race and cultural background around the world children are abused.This abuse appears in many forms such as physical and/or sexual and/or emotional abuse.

In a large percentage of cases children are often abused by someone well known to them or by someone they recognise.

Sexual abuse of a child occurs when an adult, an older child or an authority figure uses their power or authority over the child to take advantage of the child's trust and respect.

Child sexual abuse is any sexual act or sexual threat imposed on a child.

The dependency and immaturity of a child is easily exploited by adults or adolescents who perpetrate child sexual abuse.

The harmful effects of child abuse and...

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