Bis 155 Week 1 to Week 7 All Discussions

BIS 155 Week 1 to Week 7 All Discussions
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BIS 155 Week 1 DQ Getting Familiar with Excel
Excel was introduced in 1985. Since then, it has become a standard business tool. In this thread, discuss the different features of Excel that make it a valuable business tool. In addition, discuss why Excel skills are so important in today’s job market.
BIS 155 Week 2 DQ Formulas and Functions
One of the benefits of Excel is the ability to use formulas and functions. Discuss the differences between formulas and functions. Pick a function in Excel and discuss how that function is used to calculate results in your worksheets. Using the following scenarios, discuss how you would apply the Excel functions or create a formula to solve the scenario.
You wish to calculate the commission on sales. The commission is 6% on all sales that are at least 20% above cost.
You wish to calculate the total pay for an employee who receives regular time for 40 hours, time and a half for 40-50 hours, and double time for hours over 50. You have a list of contracts and due dates for annual maintenance fees.
You wish to determine when you have a contract due in the next 45 days and provide a note that warns you that the payment is due.
BIS 155 Week 3 DQ Data Analysis
Excel provides many different ways in which to analyze data.  Discuss the different methods by which you can analyze data in your spreadsheet.  Assume the role of a Regional Manager for a retail organization looking at ways to analyze the large amounts of sales data you have.  What are some of the ways Excel can be used to analyze this data?  What are some examples of reports you might want to review?
Using the concepts from this week, how will you determine where to start and what tools can you use within Excel to help you organize everything and make decisions?
BIS 155 Week 4 DQ Excel Data Exchange
Excel 2010...