Birth Control


God made human life; therefore human life shouldn’t be ceased by any man. Psalms 127:3, says, “Behold children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb is a reward.   Over the years there have been many debates surrounding birth control. President Obama is announcing his plan to administrate to require religious employers, like universities and hospitals to cover contraceptives in employer’s health plan. Why should it be required for religious institutions to cover contraceptives in employer’s health plan, when it goes against what they believe in? Religious institutions believe that human life is sacred and if women want to take contraceptives then buying them should be their concern. Although, no one is forced to use the contraceptives, they are just there for those who need it. “Requiring religious people to provide birth control violates religious freedom, another one of the country’s foundational tenets.” (Debate Club). It shouldn’t matter how many women who have used birth control in their lifetime. Killing an unborn child is murder. The Bible clearly states that no one should murder in the Ten Commandments.
The argument says that 98 percent of women in the United Sates have used birth control in their lives and having free access to contraceptives reduces unwanted pregnancies and lowers abortion rates. (Debate Club). Restraining from sexual intercourse outside of marriage is why religious leaders oppose to contraceptives. Obama is looking for ways to make the new requirements more palatable to religious institutions. There is no other way to make covering contraceptives more acceptable to consider. As stated by someone who doesn’t believe in the Obama healthcare plan, says that religious institutions should not be forced to cover contraceptive for three reasons. One reason is because there is not a need for increased access for contraception. The second reason...