Birth Control

I think that birth control measures are designed for and marketed to woman because it is the woman who does not have the choice to walk away from a pregnancy like a man can. Birth control measures are more for women to help them and give several methods to try not to get pregnant where a man only has one, using a condom, and a lot of men do not even want to do that little bit.
I also think it is not just the responsibility of women to protect themselves for an unwanted pregnancy. Creating a baby takes two so it should be a shared responsibility for both the man and the woman before a pregnancy and shared responsibility after a child is born.
In our Biology book it lists, other than Abstinence, 17 birth control methods with only two being for men. Take away the medical procedure you have only one, the male condom. Men should step up and take more responsibility and wear the rubber because it is one of the easiest methods and safest. With the male organs being on the outside it is safer for them to protect against pregnancy where a woman’s organ are on the inside and she risks more than just becoming pregnant. A woman could develop an infection using barrier methods. (Belk and Maier, 2010)
I believe one main advantage to have more male birth control methods is if both the men and women were protecting themselves, it would be more likely to keep them from having an unwanted pregnancy. I also think there is no good reason in 2011 that there is not a birth control pill for men that would keep the sperm from being able to fertilize the egg.    

Belk, Colleen and Maier, Virginia Borden. (2010). Biology: science for life. Third Edition.