Biopsychosocial Assessment

Biopsychosocial Assessment
Identifying Information
  Jake, whom I will refer to as JR in this report, is a 31 year old Caucasian male. He is married with 2 children that were lost to adoption. JR is approximately 5 foot 9 inches and weighs 160 pounds.
Chief Informant:
    The information for this assessment came through an interview with the client.
Presenting Problem:
    JR claims a few physical problems, but says that they do not bother him.
  * Several fingers had been broken
  * He has suffered a couple of skull fractures
  * His nose had been broken twice
  * His left arm and right leg had been broken
    JR has a couple of pending legal issues.
  * 2012 Parphanelia charge
  * 2012 Forgery charge
Psychiatric History
    JR states that he has been treated for depression in the past. He also said that he had entertained thoughts of suicide. His words were, “thought it but would never do it”, and I believe that to be true.   JR said that last night he heard voices telling him not to screw up but that he would. He also stated that twice in his life he was very violent while on alcohol. JR seemed paranoid over answering questions. He was obviously anxious and nervous which showed ion his body language. He was over talkative and seemed to change his story.
Personal History:
    JR has been in the county jail for the last 60 days. Prior to that he lived with his wife and children for 6 years. He states that while he was incarcerated that his wife lost the children to adoption because of her drug use.
Job History
    JR has never held a full time job for any extended period of time. His profession by his statement is that of a plumber.
Drug/Alcohol History
    JR states the following:
  * Alcohol age 11, drank - mainly parties
  * Meth, age 16, used daily for 4 years
  * Opiates, age 20, after surgery and loved them.
  * Heroin, age 23, became main addiction but still done everything else.
    JR states that he OD on drugs 3...