Biology Ivestigation

Group 4 Project Biology:
Biology class when participating in group 4 project tested chromatography TLC and level of photosynthesis in elodea plants in different light.
CHROMATOGRAPHY   Extraction and separation of plant pigments.
The aim of our group 4 project was extraction of plant pigments chlorophyll from Elodea plant and (red plant) and chromatographic separation of the mixtures by using a thin layer chromatography.

Rf   =   X/Y
The value of Rf is defined as the ratio of the distance X (virtually) (equal to the displacement of the center spot from where you started) to the distance Y (equal to postpone the solvent front):
However the extraction of pigments from the leaves of the two plants were done by the chemistry group, however in our biology class as Alex is in chemistry we took elodea plant with red leaves bur green pigment and Alex heated it up with ethanol   for an hour, I was watching it as unfortunately I do not take chemistry but was interested how Alex conducted it and what happened to the plant during and after the heating up.

The result.
The result.
During the process
During the process
Before heating up.
Before heating up.

Then after some time the extraction of the pigments (the green liquid) was used for TLC.  
  * Alex had drawed the 1cm on side and 1 cm from the other on a piece of TLC paper. And then the present people were split into two groups, I was with Alex and we took the pipet and droped 2 drops of the solution and placed It into the jar, while at the same time during all of the group 4 project I was taking pictures.

  * Then once the results of TLC chromatography were visible we took out the papers carefully not to touch them on the surface with fingers and I with alex measured the results, (Rf)

(Step 2
The boxes were prepared and equipped all prepared by the...