Biology in My Life

In my life, along as in everyone else’s life there is biology that takes part. In some part of your life biology will take a part. Biology takes a huge role in my life.   From the day I was born to my first breath. From the first time I played sports to the day I took part in Tom Danielson's Biology class!
I do not remember but since the day I was in my mothers womb biology has been an active part of my life. When a baby is in their mother’s womb it needs nutrition. With the body along with biology’s help the baby gets the right nutrition it needs and that is what keeps it alive.
After a baby is born and they come out of the mother’s womb, they take their first breath. The body is partly a study of biology. When you breath you body is working. Like I said the day you are born and take your first breath of oxygen biology takes a role in your life. We are surrounded by trees, which produce oxygen to keep us alive, even though you can’t see it. So next time you take a walk in the park thank the small trees that are helping you live. When I was a young boy I loved to play soccer and all other sports. Even to this day I am still active with hiking and climbing. The muscles in your body help you to achieve these goals you make, the baskets you score, and the routes you climb up. When you work out and the muscle fibers in your legs tear, this is biology. Your body’s muscle fiber breaks down and then rebuilds with rest. This is an example of biology in your body.
Charles Darwin, one of the most famous explorers of his day discovered evolution. When he went on a trip around the world he found out that animals adapt to their environment. For example the finch, Charles started to discover that the finch’s beak will get longer or shorter to adapt to their environment. If they live wear a lot of nuts are dropping of trees their beaks will get shorter and stronger to crush nuts. To apply this to my life, I think that our hands adapted to our environment. Obviously I was not...