Billy the Kid

Known as one of the most ruthless outlaw in the west, Billy the Kids’ early life has been some what of a mystery to many people. Billy the Kid was a normal child that was raised in a normal home, till tragedy struck his family and tore it apart. People often wonder why Billy the Kid turned out to be one of the most famous outlaws, but maybe to him it wasn’t about the glory or fame. Maybe he was only worried about one thing; survival.
Without any official records of Henry McCarthy’s (Billy the Kid) birth he was believed to be born in New York, along with younger brother Joseph McCarthy. Catherine McCarthy (mother) moved the two boys to Kansas when they were younger, but soon had to move again when she got diagnosed with Tuberculosis. They moved to Silver City, New Mexico because the warmer climate was thought to help Mrs. McCarthy. While living in Silver City she married her boyfriend Henry Antrim. With another Henry in the house, she decided to call her son by his middle name; Billy. The new Mrs. Antrim became bedridden and Mr. Antrim abandons her and her two sons to go work in Arizona. On September 16, 1874 Catherine dies. Her husband finally comes back for the funeral and puts the boys into a foster home before returning to Arizona. Left without any money and fending for himself, Billy began his life of crime. He was caught stealing butter and selling it to make some money. He was arrested for the theft and released after spending some time in jail. When he got out he went to find his step-father. He found Henry, but when he told him about his crimes Henry kicked him out. Ashamed and out-raged, Billy went off to have a drink. April 18, 1877 a bully started messing with Billy so he took out his .45 and shot him. This was the Kids’ first murder he committed. He then fled back to New Mexico and got with the most notorious gang called “The Boys”.
The Boys go to Lincoln County and become body guards for James Dolan. At this time Lincoln County was in the middle of...