Billy Elliot-Into the World

Billy Elliot


Billy Elliot, Jackie Elliot(father); Tony Elliot(Brother); Grandmother; Georgia Wilkinson ( ballet Teacher), Michael Caffrey (Billy’s best friend)

Watch the opening sequence.

What information do we find out about the setting, characters and the time?


  * Billy gets nervous then he starts dancing
  * Mirror image of Billy reflecting a symmetrical image of the ballet girls dancing opposite of him.
  * In the ballet scene   , the camera does a tracking shot of the girl’s feet and stops when billy’s boots appear. (shot from knees down)
  * Fred Astaire – Famous entertainer ( dancer in the   late 60’s) Grandma’s favourite dancer.
  * Billy has no intimate relationship with his older brother.
  * Piano resembles Billy’s dead mother, and later was destroyed for wood( survival)
  * Music is set appropriately to the mood of the scene.

Billy is determined to succeed as a boxer because it is the done thing. Everybody boxes-or at least all the boys do. It is an accepted part of the culture. However, we see that Billy is not cut out for boxing when we see him in the ring. He plays acts with the other boxer, feigning a fight as though in a film. He has no real understanding of the boxing ethos and easily caught off guard and knocked down.
But far from being the end for him, it is actually the beginning. His punishment is to spend time with the punching bag. We watch him again playing’ with the bag, ending up hugging it. This reflects the sense he has of’ needing’ support, a dependency that is related to the loss of his mother.
Returning the key he watches the girl’s ballet. Something stirs in him-maybe a vague sense of his destiny. The camera catches him and his reflection looking on, suggesting that this is the divided Billy, one caught between what is the norm (boxing) and what is real for him (Ballet.)
We move to the next scene where he is actually in the group, but not quite of it. This...