Bill Gates

There is one name that is synonymous with the words money and technology and that is William “Bill” Henry Gates III, computer programmer who co-founded Microsoft Corporation, is the world’s largest personal computer software company. The corporation Bill Gates created along with his philanthropic works makes him the epitome of what a great business leader should be.   It is the intention of this paper to explain the attributes needed to become a powerful and respected leader in corporate world and how Bill Gates has accomplished this task with apparent ease.
Bill was born to a family rich in business, political and community service history. Gates father was a highly known and respected lawyer. His grandfather worked in a bank and eventually became the president of the bank; his great-grandfather was a mayor and a state legislature. It is no surprise that Bill had ambition, competitiveness and intelligence to spare at a very young age. Recognizing this, his parents enrolled him in a private school known for its academics, Lakeside Academy. Of course Bill excelled, and then he was introduced to the computer. When he went to school, computers were large and costly that the school could not afford to have them for the students. Instead they purchased time on a computer from General Electric Corporation.   Bill and several classmates began spending every spare second in the computer lab, learning everything they could about writing code and creating working programs. This meant that his once pristine grades began to drop drastically, work wasn’t being turned in and he regularly skipped class. (Mirick, 1996)
In 1968 Computer Center Corporation opened its doors to the public. It was offering computer time for affordable rates and one of the chief programmers had a child that attended Lakeside Academy so the school was offered a lot more computer time than used to be available. Of course Bill Gates and his group of friends couldn’t wait to get in on this time. Bill and...