In the Rethinking Schools article the author believes that denying a child to learn the language of his or her culture wrong. The author shows that throughout history the United States government has tried to deny the minority cultures that speak a different language, a chance to learn and then share with others. The author states that this current wave of suppressing different cultures began in California in 1994 with Proposition 187, which states that children of illegal immigrants are not allowed to attend public school. Later in the article the author states that speaking one’s language is a basic human and civil rights. The article states according to a majority of U.N. members believe that speaking your native tongue is a basic fundamental right afforded to all. (Rethinking Schools Editorial, 2010.)

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The author clearly shows a sheer dislike of Rudy Giuliani. The article shows that Mr. Giuliani clearly does not agree with President Obama’s statement that every American should learn a foreign language. Mr. Giuliani stated that learning a foreign language is terrific but it would take away from Basic English. The author then states that English is the basic language of the U.S. and would not be affected by learning different languages. A key point that is brought up is to teach a Spanish speaking person to speak English; one must know how to speak Spanish. (The Huffington Post, 2008.)
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In Canada becoming an official country has become a popular trend. 81% of those polled support that Canada is a bilingual country. (CBC News, 2007) In 2007, the Prime Minster of...