Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen
Bikers Rebels or Angels! The biker community has, for many years, been feared by most people that don't ride. Bikers as a group have been stigmatized by society as renegades. They are looked upon as a subculture of nomadic vagabonds whose only purpose in life is to roam the highways at their leisure, party at the drop of a hat, and terrorize the communities they enter. Bikers are often labeled as rebels. They are perceived to be hell-bent, wild and crazy.
But if you take a closer look you will find a whole new meaning of the word biker. A Biker is a doctor; a lawyer, a father, mother, son, daughter, or grandparent. A Biker could be a teacher, a student, mechanic, or congressman. ( Sept. 2012)
So let’s break the stigmatism.
The fact is bikers are some of the biggest hearted people I've ever met. They give, give, and keep on giving. The 99%ers (the vast majority of the biker community) and the 1%ers (Hell's Angels, Outlaws, etc.) frequently ride together for charitable causes, 100% of the riders empty their pockets for that cause.
An example of this giving can be found all over the world. This year, in Minnesota alone, they raised 10 of millions from events. The purpose of these events is to raise money to "Improve the Quality of Life for Those Less Fortunate". The beneficiaries, from these events   include, Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA), Make A wish Foundation, Ronald McDonald House, Veterans Homes, POW MIA Organizations, just to name a few.
The money that is raised, by bikers all over the world goes to help facilities for the less fortunate, without a doubt, the events sponsored by bikers has made a tremendous difference in the efforts to find cures, aid in hospital billing, helping children learn, making wishes come true, toys for tots, etc.
Bikers not only give at charity rides they also help to put these events together. They work in the evenings after work and on the weekends. They take time away from...