Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Living in a small town is the best option anyone can choose whose wanting to settle down in a loving and welcoming community. It’s easy to get around since it’s less traffic and people, easier to meet, notice and actually remember people, and it’s a lot safer and peaceful. This is so much better than living in a big city where it’s the total opposite.
Everything’s in close proximity, and less time is taken to get there. The businesses are close by, local stores are right down the street from where you live, schools are in an appropriate distance, everything’s just so simple to get to that it’s no way possible for you ever to get lost. Yes, it may be a little congested and backed-up after getting off work or waiting in line to pick your children up from school, but that’s everywhere. Then again it may not be. I’ve lived in a small town and I’ve never seen a problem from people getting from point A to point B in a good amount of time.
In small towns you can drive to the nearest shopping center or restaurants, if not walk there without complaining about the price of gas and how much you’re wasting. Majority of the places you need and want to go to are really close to each other, so if you wanted to you could easily park at one spot and walk to the others versus living in a big city and having to drive to every location. I’ve lived in both a big city and small town so I know the hassle. In a sense of emergency, would you rather be rushed to a hospital that’s 10 minutes away or 30? That’s one way you can look at it.
Ever went to the store and was greeted by the workers by name and a big smile? If you live in a small town I’m sure you have. Every person knows each other no matter where you go. Everyone has a connection in these towns. It looks as if the people are one big happy family. You get to know your local grocery store workers, your firefighters and policemen, your neighbors who you should always be close to because you live next door. Walking around outside...