‘Big World’ and ‘Gran Torino’


Journeys offer opportunities to a certain extent depending on the type of journey an individual is on. Journeys can also uncover new perspective of life, these are reasons for people undertaking a journey, but in some cases these reasons are not the cause as to why they undertake a journey, it may be because of ignorance or entrapment. None of these opportunities would arise or be taken without him or her accepting the prospect of these opportunities, after all it is their attitude towards the opportunities that establish the outcome whether it be positive or negative. Many of these themes and aspects of journey are displayed Tim Winton’s ‘Big World’ and also Clint Eastwood’s movie ‘Gran Torino’.

The short story ‘Big World’ by Tim Winton is a physical journey of two boys who decide that they are quitting there jobs, packing up and moving. Through the story they realise the amount of opportunities that are passing them while they are living in Angelus. Through ‘Biggie’ the author displays a state of ignorance that desensitises the boys to opportunities and chances. They do not realise the chances that are passing them by in the town of Angelus. When they pack up and move they realise what they have been missing out on. Throughout their journey they are able to gain a new appreciation for the life they could have, they are given opportunities to learn to recognise opportunities

Biggie and the Narrator realised that life in Angelus was not for them, they were happy whilst on the road in their VW, they didn’t have to worry about work or school all of that was behind them, they realised that they are doing what they wanted. They discovered this through there journey, if they had never left their town of Angelus they would be still stuck in the meatworks packing meat in to boxes and would not know what the outside world is like. Through the journey they are able to realise that they enjoy travelling rather then being tied down in one place. Their...