Big Change

English 12

I walked into the airplane and looked back to wave goodbye to my family. I immediately thought of all those good times I had, the beach, the hot winters, as well as the experiences I wouldn’t get to have, important people I wouldn’t get to see or talk to everyday, how I wouldn’t be able to communicate in the language I had been speaking for almost 17 years and how I was leaving all of that behind to come to a completely different environment with people did not know, places I had never heard of before and extremely cold winters. During those four hours in the airplane I tried to calm myself by being positive: ”This is a fresh start, I’ll make new friends, new experiences and I get to wear nice boots in the winter.”

During the summer of 2012 my mom, my little sister and I came to visit my aunt and uncle. While we were here we would make random comments about how much safer and better it is here, in Ridgewood. By the end of our vacation my mom didn’t want to leave, she felt safe and happy here, something back home we didn’t feel. When we got back to Puerto Rico things changed drastically: my mom was focused on moving us to a safe place like Ridgewood. I thought, “ That won’t happen yet, I have two more years of high school and if I’m in college I don’t have to go.” By September of that year my mom had been talking to my aunt about sending me to live with her. At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to or if it was the right thing to do. Moving here meant I would being the new girl and at the time it didn’t seem like a good idea, but by October, something changed I wanted a new experience, I was craving that change, I wanted to be the new girl.

Finally the day my life would change completely was here. I walked into and out of that plane with a million doubts in my mind but the thought of everything is going to be ok was there and it made me feel confident about my decision. Getting used to this new life wasn’t easy at all; there were moments that in...