Annoted Bibliography

DEA hopeful over drop in cocaine   (Leinwand, USA TODAY 2007) Retrieved
September 13, 2007 from

This is a very good link because it talks about how the price for cocaine was so small and recently went up. It doesn’t just say that it gives you actual numbers. It even has a picture of 30,000 lbs of cocaine that was seized in one day.
Axia College (found on student website)
Mexican Drug Wars (2009)
May 22, 2009
I really like this link because it’s recent enough to where our president Obama is speaking on the topic. Many people think that the drug wars with Mexico aren’t a big deal, but it is and this article explains how. A good percent is shows is that in 2000 only 66% of cocaine in America came from Mexico and now 90% since 2007 so it’s risen a lot.

By the Numbers: Mexican Drug Wars(2009)
May 22, 2009
This source just shows all the different numbers having to do with the drug wars with Mexico, it talks about money and perecentages.

Drug Legalization (2001)
January 5, 2001

This talks about efforts trying to legalize drugs so that the wars don’t happen. It has good information as well such as New York makes around 150 arrest per day due to drugs.