Better Halves or Bitter Halves

Better-Halves or Bitter-Halves
“Husband: a married man; a woman's partner in marriage. The male head of a household, one who orders the economy of a family.” (hyperdictionary, 2009). It is usually said, “Marriages are made in heaven.” In many cultures, men have the power to make decisions and have more freedom than women. They can choose a girl for marriage and have more than one at a time. Each man has a unique personality which strongly impacts his marriage life. There are three kinds of husbands: egoistic husbands, polygamist husbands and the most adorable are obedient husbands.
First of all, men are dominated by the customs and their up bringing gives them the authority to control everything in their homes and poor wives become objects of their commands. Particularly, they are so controlling and egoistic that they do not consider them as normal human beings who have their own brains and thoughts. They want their wives dumb but not deaf. Their main strategy for wives is “kill your brains.” God forbid, if the poor wife shows some self-respect; then he would mistreat her and consider it as “disrespect”
Second kind involves polygamy rule that is collect as many wives as you can. They would never play wicked, neither disrespect nor misbehave only to their newest wives. This is another matter that the previously stocked wives are deprived of the privileges and lose their charms. What the poor men can do; undoubtedly, they do not retain any kind of interest except for the newly wed wife. This freshly bloomed flower was brought into the home to prove that lust is blinder than love.
The last category is the most lovable obedient husbands. These types of husbands are out there but very few and women are very lucky to have one. They always agree with their wives no matter what they say. Moreover, they have preset schedules by their wives for day to day life. In this situation, the husband is a poor guy who has to be very patient and quiet. The husband is not only the...