Best Time

Encircle the correct verb form for the sentence.

1. Your friend (talk-talks) too much.  
2. The man with the roses (look-looks) like your brother.  
3. The women in the pool (swim-swims) well.  
4. Bill (drive-drives) a cab.  
5. The football players (run-runs) five miles every day.  
6. That red-haired lady in the fur hat (live-lives) across the street.  
7. He (cook-cooks) dinner for his family.  
8. The boys (walk-walks) to school every day.  
9. The weather on the coast (appear-appears) to be good this weekend.  
10. The center on the basketball team (bounce-bounces) the ball too high.  
11. Each of the girls (look-looks) good on skis.  
12. Everybody (was-were) asked to remain quiet.  
13. Neither of the men (is-are) here yet.  
14. (Is-Are) each of the girls ready to leave?  
15. Several of the sheep (is-are) sick.  
16. Some members of the faculty (is-are) present.  
17. Nobody in the class (has-have) the answer.  
18. Each of the girls (observe-observes) all the regulations.  
19. All of the milk (is-are) gone.  
20. Most of the seats (was-were) taken.
21. Margo and her parents (visit-visits) each other often.  
22. Either the cups or the glasses (are-is) in the dishwasher.  
23. Vern and Fred (need-needs) a ride to work.  
24. There (is-are) a dog, a cat, and a bird in the garage.  
25. Neither Matt nor his brothers (was-were) at the party.  
26. Here into the main ring of the circus (come-comes) the trained elephants.  
27. Either the workers or the boss (deliver-delivers) the merchandise.  
28. The committee (work-works) hard for better schools.  
29. There (is-are) many things to do before the holidays.  
30. The jury (was-were) polled for their verdicts.  
31. Here (is-are) the nails you need for the projects.  
32. Either Joyce or Ellen (was-were) here.  
33. The United States (is-are) a country of contrast.  
34. A magazine and a book (was-were) lying on the floor.  
35. The family (is-are) occupied with their...