Best Snacks

Response to Task A:

The Best Snacks Scenario presents one general problem but several opportunities to correct the problem.   The Chief Executive Officer of Best Snacks, Elizabeth Fairchild, recognized the lack of innovation and creativity from Best Snacks employees by analyzing finical loses in their investor’s reports.   Due the lack of profits Fairchild believes that several internal changes need to take place, starting with the employee innovation and creativity.   To help Elizabeth fulfill her request she has for Sabrina McKay, the Vice President of Organizational Development, to discover how Best Snacks can increase employee innovation and participation on bringing new products to market and increase Best Snacks market share and sales.

Best Snacks can regain market share through structured idea management and designing innovative system that meets the needs of the new strategic plan. Employing internal and external resources will promote the organizations creative environment.

Elizabeth Fairchild believes the company’s future lies in the development of an innovative organization.   She also sees the company’s opportunity to achieve an innovative organization by regularly introducing new products and services to the current market and expand the customer base.

Leaders at Best Snacks identified a need for improvement and change.   Creativity and innovation have not been the focus and its impact is affecting the bottom line.   This change will affect everyone in the organization and hopefully have a positive impact on the company’s market and revenue.

- How can Best Snacks implement radical innovation and creativity to improve their financial standing.
Response to Task B1:

1. How culture affects innovation- The research I will be conducting will cover how culture affects innovation. It will help Best Snacks create a strong implementation plan and overall strategy for how to increase innovation and creativity in their organization. Best...