Best Practices Checklist and Its Effectiveness in Relation to Classroom Management Preparation/Evaluation.

Best Practices Checklist and its effectiveness in relation to Classroom Management preparation/evaluation.
A. Physical setting
It is our responsibility as a teacher to provide a best as possible learning environment where learners feel safe and motivated to learn. This is why it is important to make sure that the first step in preparation of the class management, physical setting, is set up to help students in their learning and independence.
(A1) It is important to make sure that all the walls furniture, floors are in good repair, because its helps us to avoid possible hazards and accidents (trips, falls etc) during the lessons.
It is important to fallow the hygienic standards to avoid the bacteria and dirt spreading and causing the health hazards. Dirty and slippery floors needs to be cleaned and wiped dry or it can course trips and falls hazards.
(A2) We have a few different size tables and chairs in my classroom for different high students, to make their “hands on” activity on the tables as comfortable as possible. I have a few arm chairs for the people who have movement disabilities, it helps them to sit down, stand up independently and make them steadier in the seating position.
(A3,4) All the rules, routines and procedures are posted the main DAL hall and are repeatedly discussed with the students in a different media (talking, drawing, pictures, role play etc) in individual classrooms. That helps students to memorise and fallow them better.
(A5 )I make sure then arranging the classroom that all the unnecessary items that may distract the view in reach are removed, us it is important to keep my residents as focus as possible on a lesson and also avoiding it becoming the trip hazard.
(A6) All the materials we keep in the storage room and bring it before the lesson in to the classroom. I keep it in the most accessible to all places. I usually encourage people to pick up their own materials themselves to build up their sense of independence. I would...