There are many ways you can describe the Bermuda but they would all say that it is a country of grace and charm. The landscape is very picturesque and has a quaintness which most of us have forgotten. Bermuda is a small sub-tropical island, just 21 square miles, which lies 600 miles off the coast of South Carolina.

There is a great difference between this island and the others in the Caribbean. It has an air of prosperity, a feeling of great elegance, and a charm you will never forget. Famous for its pink-coral sand beaches, its towns and villages are known for their white roof cottages, often painted

pretty pastel colours such as lilac, lemon or peach. The gardens are very colourful and beautifully manicured. On the roads, cars are a rare sight, and where there is traffic, it is kept to the 20 mph speed limit. A spectacle rarely witnessed in present times, the policeman still all wear the famous Bermuda Shorts.

The history of the island evokes more than a passing memory of its 400 years as a British Colony. The island is dotted with many old forts and mansion houses that have survived seemingly untouched by the passage of time. A visit to these exquisite buildings is an opportunity the visitor

should not miss, as is the Lord Nelson’s Royal Naval Dockyard. This has in recent years been fully restored. The very high standards of service and the excellent cuisine are typical of the many superb hotels on the island. The golf courses are to a very high standard and all provide very elegant club facilities. Tennis is another very popular sport in Bermuda and as such the clubs available are to a very high standard.

In the many hotels dressing for dinner is the ‘in thing’. The local people still play cricket and the whole atmosphere is of times gone by.

A wonderful holiday awaits.