INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS Module Meeting – 23rd October 2013

Part ONE

  A. Analyse the business environment of the chosen market.

  1. The components that aggregate of all conditions, events and influences that surround and affect the business in the chosen market:-
International Business Environment (HOST COUNTRY) (HOME – only what encouraging it to go international) (JONO)
  i. Economic
  ii. Political
  iii. Legal
  iv. Financial
  v. Socio-cultural
  vi. Demographic

  B. Compare the environments between the home and host market

  1. Show comparison of both countries.   State the similarities and differences using the International Business Environmental Factors to determine the opportunities and threats to the MNC. – Porters National Competitive Advantage

  2. Elaborate on the Socio-cultural and Demographic Factors. ( RAJIV)

  C. Determine and justify the strategy or strategies

  1. Choose the Mode of Entry (ANITA)
      i. Market Size, target market and competitors
      ii. Competitive advantage   - benefit and risks and possible alternatives
      iii. Government Regulations
      iv. Capital requirements and financial feasibility (NPV, IRR etc.) – determine the capital requirements and financing options.  

  2. Choice of Method
      i. Export (Direct or Indirect)
      ii. Non-equity (Licensing or Franchising)
      iii. Equity (Joint Venture, Alliances, Acquisitions or   FDI)

  3. Timing of Entry (CHRISTINE)

  4. Exist Strategy

Part TWO

  1. International Marketing Chapter 9
  a) Market Analysis
      i. Analyse the environmental factors
      ii. Segmentation
      iii. Research
      iv. Marketing Mix
      v. Marketing Frameworks (Porters Five Forces, Ansoff Matrix and Porters Generic Strategies)

  2. International HRM Chapter 8
  b) Model of Strategic Change and HRM
  c) IHRM and Organisational Structure
      vi. Approaches
      vii. Solutions
      viii. Culture...