Food outlet Benny’s - passionate about chicken is situated at 15 Gloucester road. It is a food outlet specialised in providing Halaal chicken. It was established in 2006. Benny’s is equipped with proper machineries used in preparing cooking for example frying machines ,professional barbeques, oil filters, perfect smoke absorbing equipments and   others. The present situation at Benny’s involves operational and promotional planning process that focuses on the product and service, to develop and implement a successful integrated communication process between operations and marketing. Benny’s is situated in a healthy market environment from business point of view according to the analysis of market survey (Bristol citywide retail study –DTZ June 2007(see survey summary)).

Some of the different products offered by the food outlet:

Chicken/Fillet burger
Benny’s Supreme burger
Chicken Strips/Wings and many more (Appendix1)

                  An overview of the procedure from the marketing perspective

                                        Adapted from Tutor 2u
Market analysis
A market analysis for firm’s planning activities particularly around decision of inventory, purchase, workforce, facility expansion; purchase of capital equipment, promotional activities, and market positioning of Benny’s is being done. Benny’s is a standardized low priced take away outlet as compared to its indirect competitor KFC. (Appendix 1)

Positioning is important because Benny’s competing with all the noise out there for its potential fans attention. If it can stand out with a unique benefit, it has a chance of getting their attention. According to the Bristol citywide retail study- DTZ June 2007, Gloucester road is 3rd popular and safe named centre for local shopping which shows that Gloucester has got a fair market size, Gloucester in the survey is also shown as the place for business and meetings, therefore being positioned on road and specialist...