Benefits of Pineapple

Benefits of pineapple
Pineapple is a sweet, juicy and delicious fruit which is one of the most popular fruits in the world. They are very healthy and highly nutritious. They are loved by many people in all over the world and are of great health benefits. In this article, we shall be looking at just 10 of the many health benefits of pineapple
Health benefits of pineapple
1. It fights lot of diseases: Pineapple is very rich in Vitamin C which fight against lots of the free radicals in the body that leads to diseases like diabetes, various kinds of cancer, heart disease, etc

2. It lessens Arthritis: Pineapple has anti-inflammatory properties and so help in lessening the pains of arthritis and also improves the condition by strengthening the bones.

  3. It reduces the risk of hypertension: hypertension results from too much exertion of force on the artery wall during blood circulation. A good way to keep this check is to reduce the blood pressure through the introduction of a high amount of potassium and a small amount of sodium in your diet. This is where pineapple comes in. One cup of pineapple contains about 195 mg of potassium and 1 mg of sodium, and that makes it a very perfect check for hypertension.

4. It strengthens bones: Manganese is a trace mineral needed by the body in the building of bones and connecting tissues. Pineapple is very reach in manganese. A cup of pineapple can give almost 73 percent of manganese needed by the body to function well. So pineapples are very beneficial when it comes to building and maintaining of bones.  

5. They are very reach in vitamins and minerals: Pineapples contains many of the essential minerals needed by the body. This is why the health benefits of pineapple are just numerous. It contains phosphorus, potassium, calcium,  fibre, and vitamin c. It is very low in fat and cholesterol making it a very healthy fruit that offers so many health benefits.

 6. It is a very good preventive measure against cough and...