Benefits of Innovation and Change for the Organisation

Increasing productivity, improving processes, offering improvements and more choice to our service users and decreasing costs are some the most easily recognisable benefits of innovation.

While the benefits of change leads to greater organizational effectiveness. By addressing   staff’s concerns, I can accelerate the adoption of new processes and technology that boosts organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

By placing people front and center in the change process, it improved work quality and morale thus improve the service we deliver to our service users.

It enhances communication by encouraging dialogue and circulating the information people need to know leads to a more cooperative, and more productive, environment.

A carefully thought-out approach to change reduces stress and turmoil and encourages people to stay loyal to organization which minimizes staff turnovers.

Having an effective organization with good morale and knowledgeable employees deliver the benefit most changes are designed to provide - better and more cost effective service to service users.

Communicating and Implementing the Change

Strategies for Successful Change
There may be one or many driving forces initiating change in our organization. Groups will usually respond to a driving force by showing resistance. If you push, people push back.
I believe that fear of change can be as disturbing as the change itself. Some staff might feel more pressured which may lead to resistance. Others may adapt, agree and accept the need for the change.

The following strategies can be used in by the company to decrease the resisting forces to change in any organization.

Providing adequate information and make it available to all employees on the need for change in order to gain their trust and support. Making the purpose of the change clear and ensuring that staff understands the idea of change.

Good communication can be attained through proper...