Benefits of Actively Promoting Positive Aspects of Behaviour.

a) Explain in approximately 75 words, the benefits of actively promoting positive aspects of behaviour.

Actively promoting good behaviour will reinforce the benefits of such behaviour, this may be verbal praise, stickers or other reward.   A child that is praised for good behaviour is far more likely to repeat that behaviour in the future.   Whilst it is important to praise good behaviour it is also key to ignore negative behaviours where possible.   By modeling good behaviour and praising it children will often start to expect this good behaviour from their peers, they may remind each other how they should be behaving. Having a clear understanding of the expected behaviour allows them to become more independent in their own behaviour choices.

b) Give 2 examples of situations where you might need to establish ‘ground rules’ in no less than 50 words.

The Classroom
Within our EYFS team we have an open plan classroom accommodating up to 86 children.   The ground rules we have to establish when the Nursery children start include ‘walking feet’ and ‘helping hands’.   Both these rules are to ensure the children’s safety inside, it is much safer to walk in the classroom than run.   The ‘helping hands’ rule helps all children understand what is expected of them throughout the day and at tidy up time, we all take responsibility for the tidiness of our classroom.

Moving around school
The children are expected to move around school in a calm and respectful manner.   This means walking quietly and respecting others who are learning.   Making sure the children are clear on this rule will enable them to make the right choice when visiting other areas of the school so as not to disrupt others.

c) Explain in approximately 100 words why is it important to demonstrate realistic, consistent and supportive responses to children and young people’s behaviour, and give an example of a real event that shows consistency across a number of children.

To set out a clear message to...