Benefits and Drivers Proposal

Benefits and Drivers Proposal
27 August 2013
OI361 Innovation, Design and Creativity for a Competitive Advantage
Professor Bruce Hunter

Johnson & Johnson is a medical device, pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods manufacturer that was founded in 1886.   Since that time they have grown to include “250 subsidiary companies with operations in over 57 countries and products sold in over 175 countries” (Wikipedia, 2012).   After 126 of service, Johnson & Johnson has hired our consultant team to find more innovative ways to perform business.   Our hopes are to boost sales and rejuvenate a company that has been providing services for over 100 years.
Support for Organization’s Goals and Objectives
Innovation.   Johnson & Johnson is a family known company providing family products globally. For the last 125 years, they have brought altering products to people around the world.   “Organizations that want to embrace innovation therefore need to find ways of reconciling the tension that lies in the juxtaposition of creativity and implementation” (Stamm, 2003). Through the years Johnson & Johnson have been a part of innovating Ethicon Endo-surgeries, using small incisions that helps the patient heal more rapidly. They have helped create The Palmaz-Schatz stent, which opens the blood flow directly to the heart, and their most recent innovation with Tibotec-Virco BVBA to help the needs of patients with HIV/AIDS. These are imperative innovations because they aid people of the world by protecting people and the environment that is Johnson & Johnson’s goals and objectives. These philosophies are among the other products such as over-the-counter products, medical devices, and prescription products offered to their consumers. Johnson & Johnson service consumers in all sorts of conducts from baby care to medical devices they focus on making a difference. “New or improved treatments can help to improve and save lives. Continuing investments in...