Benefit Types

Benefit Types
Jesus Yanez

The House of Neighborly Services offers benefits in one of three forms. These forms of benefit include donations, government support, and cash distributed in the form of grants. The first benefit of donations is created to give necessities like food, clothing, and other stuff to survive for needy families. The HNS through their donations are able to prepare and give out food baskets on a daily basis for family in need. They also offer people to go into their clothing donation store and get items of clothing for them and their family, the donations usually come from people that support the organization or they come from the many volunteers the organization has. The Government support helps covers financial needs, such as rent assistant or food assistance in the form of stamps or some type of card. HNS also provides families to pay utilities but that is based on a qualification basis. The government also provides shelter for those people that are in need that do not have a proper shelter to live in. The cash form of benefit usually comes from the thrift stores and in the form of grants.   The organization has thrift stores all over Northern Colorado where people donate their clothing and items and the Organization sells the item for profit to be able to provide grants for clients.   Each year grants are given to a number of clients; however there are certain qualifications you have to meet in order to get grants. In this manner the benefit has maximum target efficiency in that it cannot be misused by the client. The House of Neighborly Services is very efficient in delivering benefits, grants, and financial assistance. They are tracked and distributed through the organization. The main goal of the organization is to help families in need and keep them off the streets.

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