Beneficence vs Justice

Beneficence vs. Justice
In Sickness and In Wealth
Candy Banks is a forty-five year old married white woman who lives with her husband and three teenage sons’ on the Southside of Louisville Kentucky in council district five. Candy husband is disabled his back was injured in a job related accident when he was struck by a moving tow motor truck.   He receives workmen’s compensation, and is addicted to painkillers. Candy is unemployed on Social security and Medicare due to multiple health problems thyroid condition, arthritis, and she suffered a mild heart attack.   Candy worries about the health and future of herself and family. She fears for the safety of her sons who are afraid to go out at night.   The neighborhoods where they live has a high crime rate, with drug dealers, gangs, unemployment, and a high rate of high school dropouts.  
Candy’s expressed that’s she wants better for her and family but feels there is no way out, and the families needs for social services especially her husband for his drug addiction. She worried about not having heat during the winter due to high heating bills, and running out of food before the end of the month, and poor transportation with buses running every hour and a half. Sometimes she had to wait more than two hours for a bus to get to her doctor’s appointments or to the grocery store across town where the food is fresher and cheaper. Candy feels that if she had taken better care of her health, and graduated from high school.   Her situation would be much better and her and her family would not have to live the way they are living just because they are poor. Candy wants to work but cannot because she would loss her social security benefits.
Candy was disappointed in herself because she was born poor and was never given the opportunity to advance in life, and to be able to enjoy just the simple necessities of life that all human beings were suppose to have decent housing with affordable heating.   In addition, healthily food,...