Ben's Poem

My Beautiful Boy

Darling, you know I much I love you.
Promise me, you’ll make your dreams come true.
I’ll always be looking over you.
Memories are very far and few.

Sweetheart, you are so dear
You are so far but I wish you were near.
I’ve done things wrong, that is clear.
I’m trying so hard to get you here.

We’ll look back on this in years to come
And we’ll forget and think of fun, fun, fun
I’m sat here thinking “what will be will be”
I just want you here, near me.

When we get into our new place
I can’t wait to see your smiling face
I’ve been packing and looking at old photos of you
Promise me, you’ll make your dreams come true.

Loads of photos of you and Dad asleep
They are memories I want to keep
Even pics of Dad when he was slim
You are so very like him

I’ve made mistakes and I keep on trying
I don’t want you to see me crying
To see your smiles
Me and Ollie would walk for four hundred miles

We are moving to pastures new
And I really want to be with you.
Ben, you are my world that makes me go insane,
But I love you more than anything, even when you are a pain.

Sometimes Ben, you make me crazy
Especially when you’re being lazy
But never forget I love you with all my heart
Even when all you do is fart!

I’ve been looking at photos from when you were small
And now I can’t believe how tall
Someday very soon I’m going to be smaller than you
Promise me you’ll make your dreams come true.