Ben Weaver

Ben Weaver is a Kansas State University alumnae, who traveled the world for his passion of photography. He has photographed people from rags to riches; people of all race, color, and creed. Bens love for photography has taken him to various locations around the globe. Recently Ben photographed locals in Haiti following the earthquake that devistated the island. Ben has even filmed world famous celebrities, notably the first lady, Nancy Reagan, and former President of the United States, Ronald Reagan.  
The room is cold, but the vibe is warm and relaxing as I sit down to listen to Ben tell his tale. Calm, cool, and collected, Weaver clears his throat and begins to tell me how he first sparked an interest in picture taking. “I first got interested in photography when I was 5-years-old. My father had a black room at our house in Kansas City, and it was one of our many hobbies together,”   Weaver said. Ben tinkered with the hobby but his career as a photo journalist didnt begin untill college.
Ben reminiced of his days as a student at Kansas State University. "In college I was taking Journalism classes and one of my classes required me to work on the school newspaper," said Weaver. Not having a camera nor proper training, Ben went to the photo lab to rent and learn how to operate his first 35mm. Ben wrote and took pictures for his school newspaper throughout college and slowly found himself branching away from the writing side of journalism and finding himself more interested in the photography aspect of it.
Strait out of college Ben got his first job working for news week making $125 a week. Ben admits that he never imagined that he would make any money out of photography, he got into it simply because he had such a passion. Weaver's carreer would eventually have him working on assignments for more than 10 major magazines including: Time, Life, Sports illustrated, and many other well known publications.
After a long career as a freelance photographer Ben...