We were up and ready to find our prize. The excitement of this journey   climbed through us and took control of us. The feeling was bouncing around the walls of our cold, tough tunnels that drove deep into our world, forming our home. The trumpet screamed deep from the heart of our place, above thousands of my friends. Its voice travelled all over the walls disconnecting from where it was born. Excitement gathered and made a connection to us, leading us through the hole into another world. The world was white, spotless! Until we leaped out with so much noise that the new world vibrated around us. The clean kitchen showed resentment towards us, it knew what we wanted and was hiding it from us. The white/spotless kitchen bench began to be covered in darkness as my friends and I together spread from the corner of the world like we were on a map. The cleanness separated itself from us but we didn’t care.
An unfamiliar voice spread out, the language didn’t belong to us. It taunted us through our ears, however unable to stop us. ‘This is 108.9, do you have best attacking your house...’
The world was ours for the taking, nothing could stop us now. Suddenly! The scent of our prize grabbed us strongly with a firm grip. It pulled us across the world for the second time that day. However it felt we have been walking for a whole week. The scent gave us a connection to our prize, pointing the way to a high shelf. All that stood in our way was a picture; its black and white face looked sadly at the wave that was approaching. The quiet, peaceful picture began rumbling, desperately seeking a way to hide deeper into itself. There was no way it could stop us...
There is far too many of us.
We flew up as fast as light to where the gold was hiding. The sugar was hidden by the kitchen behind several jars but this couldn’t stop us. The sugar was meant to be together with us. The sugar was shining as bright as the star above Jesus.
Our tastebuds took over control from our...