Understanding nourishes belonging… A lack of understanding prevents it.

Individuals in society belong to different communities, with this comes and understanding and acceptance of others similarities and differences. Within society understanding of each other promotes healthy relationships and strengthening of the community. The idea that understanding nourishes belonging and the lack of understanding prevents belonging is shown through the play “The Crucible” written by Arthur Miller. The text shows the destruction of a community due to its hysteria, which is caused by members of the community accusing one another of practicing witchcraft. The events of this play are based in Salem in 1962 when a group of girls were caught ‘conjuring spirits’. Being a strict puritan community this was frowned upon, as the play progresses fingers are pointed at one another by individuals in hope of saving themselves.
Miller bases his play on themes such as exclusion, lies and hysteria to show the lack on understanding that the community has for each other creating the scene of everyone feeling like they don’t belong.

Also, Armin Greders picture book “The Island” relates to the concept of lack of understanding preventing belonging. This story also explores the idea of exclusion and how the community will reject the idea of trying to understand someone who they think is different. It also explores the idea that the when the community refuses to understand who the foreigner is they don’t see that he is actually the same as them.

“The Crucible” explores the nature of belonging in a community that is full of tension as people hide their true beliefs and who they really are in an effort to belong.   If an individual denies their essential beliefs and principles, they deny their true self. The court of Salem asks Proctor to sign his name that he admits to lying. He is also asked to name other names of people in the community. When he refuses he shows that he will not give his...