A pebble skimmed across the water, disturbing its green, glass like appearance. Ripples spread throughout the creek; crashing into each and every obstacle it approached. I watched them cross the river and run towards the shore. The waves followed one another like a flock of sheep, following their Sheppard, slowly crashing into the toes of my boots, one after another. Mesmerizing, I could have watch them all day
Past experiences of home flowed back, memory after memory flowing into my mind, much like the ripples of the creek. Like a movie, I paused and reflected on significant events of which I had experienced throughout my life. My family. My friends. My wife. A tear slowly drizzled from my left eye. I could sit here all day, reflecting on the memories brought back to me from the waves caused by the pebble. I had convinced myself repeatedly that I was crazy and delusional; that I was seeing and hearing things that are truly not there; that everything that was going on was solely a figment of my imagination. To my misfortune, I soon snapped myself out of my feigned conjectures which truthfully was a means of escape, a dismissal from the truth. The truth. I discovered infidelity in my household. Three seconds. It took three seconds for something to happen, and I did not even make it happen. It was an accident. i didn't mean it...they told me to do it. the voices...
my father once told me “Human beings, like plants, grow in the soil of acceptance, not in the atmosphere of rejection.” i thought about this for a while, sitting in the corner alone. the words that stood out were acceptance