“Understanding nourishes belonging… a lack of understanding prevents it.”
Demonstrate how you’re prescribed text and ONE other related text of your own choosing represents this interpretation of belonging.

As a community people are expected to belong with this comes an understanding of differences and respecting others, this understanding of belonging brings people together and forms relationships. The idea that understanding nourishes belonging and the lack of understanding prevents belonging is shown throughout the text study “The Crucible” written by Arthur Miller due to exclusion, lies and hysteria these factors have broken the community and forced hatred on individuals who have either taken into account other peoples ideas and understandings.

“The Island” written by Armin Greder is another text, which relates to the concept of “understanding nourishes belonging and a lack of understanding prevents it.” The community needed to be more accepting ‘foreigners’ differences and need to respect the individual, towards the foreigner the lack of understanding acceptance and belonging created the individual to be isolated from the community and also with the villagers understanding of belonging and fitting into their community accepting people who were different created a sense of fear towards them.

Through the text study “The Crucible” written by Arthur Miller explores the destruction of a community by hysteria, caused by members of the community accusing one another of practising of witchcraft and devil worshipping. The events are based in Salem in 1692, when a group of girls fell victim to hallucinations and seizures. This behaviour in the strict puritan society was attributed to witchcraft. This lead the girls and other villagers to accuse the innocent people of the village with the concept of consorting with the devil. The religious Massachusetts government jailed local villagers for witchcraft and eventually 19 people were hanged.

“The Crucible”...