English – Belonging
By: Stewart Shore

Belonging can be treated in different ways. To belong you need to have some sort of relationship with something, for example, people, an environment or a culture. ‘The Crucible’ and the two supporting texts are appropriate for the theme belonging because they can give a clear example of what it means to belong all three texts also discuss the notion of the consequences of not belonging or choosing to stay outside the group. Two supporting texts that can demonstrate the theme belonging are Oodgeroo’s poems and the movie E.T. The charactisation of belonging will be explored in the essay.

‘The Crucible’ is a text that can fall under the theme Belonging. The text consists of people trying to belong to other people, groups and the town. Abigail is a young girl who by her own actions alienates herself from the community. She wanted to belong to the community by doing this she plays with everyone’s lives and ends up ruining there’s and even her own. Getting with John brought major tension between himself and Elizabeth. Elizabeth states “spoke or silent, a promise is surely made. And she may dote on it now – I am sure she does – and thinks to kill me, then to take my place.” P60. She knows what’s going on between John and Abigail and believes that Abigail doesn’t understand that John and Elizabeth have made a lifelong promise, being their marriage. One of Abigail’s actions consisted of trying to force Elizabeth away from John so she could have him to herself, this was her dream. Even john had stated in the court room “She thinks to dance with me on my wife’s grave!” P98. Abigail doesn’t understand the consequences of being with john, but john does and he stupidly repeats his own actions, ‘adultery’. John went to the court to try and protect his wife and not get Abigail into trouble but unfortunately he was found out about his little ‘thing’ with Abigail only from him confessing when he says, “It is a whore!” P97, no one...