Beliefs and Experiences

How my values beliefs and personal experiences might affect my working experience

I was bought up in a Muslim country so I have come across different cultures and beliefs, for example, when I came home to the United Kingdom and we had a long drive to the airport we had to leave home earlier than necessary so that we could stop at certain times for the driver to say his prayers.

All service users have their own beliefs and cultures and I would treat each service user individually and respect their beliefs, I would respect their values and beliefs if they were religious and wanted to go to church every Sunday or if they were Muslim to a mosque. I would make enquires to make sure that I was able to take them so they could attend. As a support worker I would treat, respect and support the service user’s right and choice.
In some religions they don’t eat certain meats I would ensure that, that was respected. I would treat each one individually wouldn’t discriminate against them, treat them with dignity, care for them and support them in the way that meets their needs. Communicate in a way they would understand, if its sign language I would try and learn makaton. You find adults with learning difficulties depending on the handicap usually sign with makaton which is similar to normal sign language, I am in the process of learning makaton, one service user in particular is teaching me the makaton sign language, so its easier to communicate with the service users I work with, other types of communication we could use is pictures.

I need to observe the environment and if necessary make any changes; I need to and encourage the individual to interact so they don’t become isolated. I would respond to any individual that excludes themselves and encourage them to interact. I would challenge any practice and behavior that discriminates against any individual especially if it doesn’t respect their culture and beliefs; I support individuals to speak out making comments...