Being Creative

Experiencing Creativity
Kristina James
University of Phoenix

Experiencing Creativity
Creativity is not one of my strongest traits in life. The only time I believe my creativity occurs is when I am planning an event or entertaining children. Other than that I would consider myself very plain. This is not by choice either; I would desperately like to be creative with stuff like cake designing, sowing, entire designing and even fashion. Creativity like those is amazing and makes me think how neat it would be to have a talent like that. Although I am not able to show off my creativity on everyday encounters when it comes to entertainment it is my time to shine.
My passion always has been event planning. It started from when I was young, anytime that my mother had chance to celebrate an occasion she would through a get together or a fool blown out party. From birthdays, holidays, and sports parties I swear my family was celebrating something every month. Her parties were always a hit she would cook appetizers, have party games, and music for the guest to dance.   She through tremendous parties, but she would hardly put decorations up. My creativity would step in here.
Themes is my thing, I believe that every party should have a theme. Holidays are easy because the theme is already given. Parties like birthdays, super bowl, graduation, or anything in that nature is when I am able to have fun and go all out. I choice a theme for the party and use it in every aspect of the party; the food, decorations, dress code, games, and even the music will be according to what the theme is. In the event of planning a party, I become quit the perfections and tend to get stressed at times. In the end the stress goes away and everything pays off. I always receive many compliments from the guest.
I have created a reputation for being the best party planner among my friends and family. They give me the honor of either throwing their parties or helping in some way. It is...