Being a Volunteer

Being a Volunteer
Honorable guest, principals, teachers and students,

It is a real pleasure and privileged to be here on this beautiful morning of International Volunteer Day, to share with you my personal experience as well as my understanding of the power of volunteerism.

First, let me share with you some of the thing I have learnt over my half-a-decade involvement as a volunteer. I have learned to care for the well-being of others. I have learnt not only to tolerant, but to celebrate diversity. I have learnt to appreciate the significance of empathy, to value others’ opinions, and to work together as a team, in cooperation, towards a common goal.   In short, I think I can confidently say that through volunteering, I have managed to become a better person.

On top of all, I have realized that all men, regardless of their situation or circumstances, has something to offer to humanity. Every individual has the capacity for caring, as well as the capacity for working in solidarity to alleviate human suffering and contribute to making the world a better place to live in.

That is why I believe the power of volunteerism is about harnessing an incredible resource - that of people who wish to selflessly contribute to making the world a better place.

I am more than glad to say that CUFE has a long history and great tradition of volunteering. Each year, hundreds of students take part in voluntary work to help the poor, the marginalized, the sick and the elderly. With each passing year, the participation grew, so did the amount of voluntary hours. Therefore, I am confident that great things of voluntary can be expected from CUFE.

Today, the International Volunteer Day, is a time when we value, acknowledge and celebrate the work of volunteering. As we applaud their efforts here, let us not forget it would be of even greater assistance if more people are part of the group.

To all volunteers, thank you.
To all non-volunteers, join us, do your part...