Behaviour in Class

Preparing to teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector
Task 4

Explain the ways in which you would establish ground rules with your learners, and which under pin behaviour and respect for others.

At the beginning of the year during induction week, one of first activities that are carried out is the completion of a student charter. In this document the students actually decide, with tutor guidance, what they expect of the college and tutors. The tutor needs to steer the conversation towards certain issues like health and safety in the workshop, dress code etc, but the learners generally decide what is expected of them. I have found that by jointly deciding on the ground rules the learners ‘buy’ into the project. These cover all the usual rules such as no eating in class through to arriving on time. The learners understand that students arriving late, not only disrupts the lesson for the tutor, but also for themselves, as extra attention is often required for the latecomer. This activity is always well received.

Behaviour is underpinned throughout the campus in many ways. All over the college signs are posted indicating what is expected of students i.e. no hat, no phones, no MP3 players etc. This message is constantly reiterated by tutors in the classroom, whilst reminding students who challenge, that they have actually agreed to these rules when they signed the student handbook.
Recently the College have had some very tutorials on subjects such as bullying and respect. Working through these with the learners, highlights further what is expected of them during their college life.

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