Behaviors, Customs, and Beliefs

Japanese Behaviors
    Everyone has their own behavior, some in which deal with how a person is raised. Some cultures do not believe in religion. The Japanese are one of these cultures who have no “religion.” Compass Online, “When people are asked which religion they believe, it is also peculiar to Japanese that people answer "I don't have religion". Such Japanese behaviors are seen strange for foreign people who have specific religion, so Japanese religious behaviors are often criticized.” (1999-2000)
Japanese Men
    Japanese men have their own belief within the cultural environment Japanese men are either asexual, or sex–hungry monsters. Some tend to go wild and crazy about sexual inhabitants. Japanese men celebrate birthdays in a different manner than men in the United States. As men in the United Stated celebrate their birth once a year, Ga no iwai is a Japanese rite of passage celebrated at various ages to pray for long life.
Japanese Women
    Women have a different body style; they tend to be pigeon toed which is called “unchimata.” They tend to walk in the manner of having a posture problem into adulthood. For women the equivalent yakodoshi ages are thought to be a particularly hard, terrible, or disastrous years. Like the age forty one for men, precautions are taken to ward off bad luck. In the United States, women celebrate birthdays just as men, once a year.
Japanese Customs
    During my research I have found one of the most interesting customs the Japanese have. Japan-Guide, “Hanetsuki is a traditional Japanese New Year’s game, played with a wooden paddle called hagoita and a shuttle called hane. The game resembles badminton, played without a net.”
American Behaviors
    American’s have some of the common behaviors known throughout the world. Many deal with, teen pregnancy, abortion, child neglect, over eating, and laziness. Many Americans find it accustomed to watch television all day, and focus their lives inside of a fantasy world....