Behavioral and Social Cognitive Paper


Behavior and Social/ Cognitive
Sundra D. Daniels
PSY 250
August 20, 2012
Randy White

Behavior and Social/ Cognitive
Greediness, drug addition, alcoholism, gambling, coffee drinking, overeating and biting nails are compulsive habits that many individuals form. According to Clark Hull habits in learning theory simple it is an association between a stimulus and a response. Habits are also learned a little at a time; the habit starts as a thought to an individual’s mind, which lulls the individual to think that they can do it once more for that rouse that feeling once again only to find that they are addicted to having a compulsive habit.   A behavioral and ethnic concept which agrees that personality confer about the two original reports in Bandura’s act of   observation receiving and   self-efficacy have been pulled together with added element under the label “social-cognitive .theory Numerous individuals understand that an unhealthy habit has developed when one continue to do that habit over and over again.
Numerous individuals have an uncontrollable shopping disorder. However, many individuals uncontrollable disorders reaction ones everyday lives. Individuals who shop until they cannot shop any longer, and max out ones credit cards frequently have a shopping obsession. These individuals think the more one may shop, the more they will feel better, actually, it makes an individual as a compulsive shopper feel worse after it’s all done. Compulsive shopping is related to other compulsive behaviors and various features like: alcoholism, gambling, and overeating habits. Compulsive shopping can turn out to be an annual, seasonal, nervousness, and isolation one may sense during that period.
I am (use to be) a compulsive shopper. I have been a compulsive shopper since I received my first credit card at the age of 19 years old. Whenever I felt lonely, nervous or depressed the first thing that came to my mind was shopping. It was nothing for me to go on a...