Behavior and Ethics

Behavior and Ethics
Fernando Emiliano
October 25, 2011
Scott Earle

Behavior and Ethics
Every business is formed by some type of behavior and ethics. Organizational behavior and culture, diversity, and communication make up how an organization is operated. Behavior and ethics are based on human emotions, beliefs, and/or values. These factors are important because they determine how company policies and procedures are carried out. There is no way to control these emotions and they are constantly changing from day to day. Gender, age, and ethnic background make up the diversity that is present in any business. It can be beneficial to a company if used properly. The last step involved with behavior and ethics is communication. Once all other factors are accounted for, communication is the method used to deliver the message.
Organizational behavior varies from one business to another. “Organizational Behavior (OB) is the study and application of knowledge about how people, individuals, and groups act in organizations” ( By observing organizational behavior, management can make adjustments amongst employees to improve efficiency. They can observe how well employees work with one another. Management can also look to find individuals who can move up in the company based on their individual efforts. One could consider organizational behavior as being the “big brother” of a company.   It is closely related to organizational culture.
Organizational culture is not easily defined. It can be considered “a system of knowledge, of standards for perceiving, believing, evaluating and acting” ( When one thinks of culture, it could be one’s surroundings which also include one’s upbringing. Culture in an organization also helps with the evaluation of employees and situations. It may not follow the company handbook but follow the norms that are practiced at a workplace. It could also be considered habits or generally accepted principles...