Behavior and Communicatio

Behavior and Communication
Angelo Cox

Behavior and Communication
I chose to my paper on Starbucks because I am a coffee drinker. Starbucks mission is “to inspire and nurture the human spirit-one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time”. (Starbucks Corporation, 2010). Starbucks strengthens their mission statement with a list of values that are found on their website that the company uses to communicate with its stakeholders. The company’s core values are their coffee, employees, customers, stores, and neighborhoods in which they operate.   Embracing diversity and respecting one another is the basis of their organization culture. Not only do they want to provide the customers with the perfect coffee but also connect with them and create an environment that is worry free. Starbucks strive to create a culture that values and respect diversity and inclusion. To help them make their goal become reality they have integrated diversity and inclusion into the core of their leadership competencies. They expect that all leaders within Starbucks practice behaviors that demonstrate inclusion (   They communicated its values by establishing a positive work place, treating employees with high levels of respect, high coffee delivery standards, community and environmental engagement, and satisfying its customers (Enquist, 2012).   Their products include coffee, tea, and other hot and cold beverages, pastries and other assorted snacks.
Starbucks uses a variety of internal communication techniques. They have a weekly Scoop operations bulletin that goes to all retail stores, and they also have a monthly Siren’s Tale newsletter, which is distributed throughout the entire company, they also have an online Partner Portal. Starbucks executives use the company-wide voicemail systems for major announcements (Timm, 2010).   Starbucks uses their website for external communications, such as information on Standards of Business Conducts, which...