Before an After the Internet

We are living in an era of internet revolution. Each and everything is available and on hand in the internet which makes our life easier as well as competitive. Today we cannot think of a day without the access to the internet because it has a large amount of influence in our daily life. It is hard to realize that there was period where the people lived without the internet. The ancient people may not have even thought of the internet life which the modern people are following. Internet revolution can be compared with the first industrial revolution that happened in the 18th and early 19th century which entirely changed the face of society. So as the Internet has changed the face of modern society.
Before the introduction of the Internet the life was extremely different. Before the internet people struggled a lot for the communication. They totally depended on stores in order to buy goods and services. The three changes that happened after the internet are in communication, sales, and access to information. “The Internet has changed the way people communicate. It allows for instant and reliable communication between people across the street or across the globe. In the past, the only ways to send documents were via fax and postal mail. Faxes were limited because messages could only include two-dimensional text and graphics. The postal mail faced these same issues, as well as the problem with the time it took to send a document through the mail. “With the Internet, documents with text, graphics, audios, videos, and interactive objects can now be transmitted quickly to anyone with a simple click of a button” (Comer, 1997, p. 41).
Information systems and methods were limited like anything in the past. They depended on library, T.V, news papers, and radio for the latest news and information’s. “In the past, if you needed to find information on the history of Latin America, you had to go to your local library. Then, you were limited by which books and...