As we look throughout history we will find many well known and remembered musicians. Ludwig Van Beethoven was one if the many that stood out and very well known till today. He stood out because of his talent and that he overcame the toughest obstacles and accomplished something that many people today believe isn’t true. Beethoven’s childhood and conflicts all led to a major contribution to his popularity and his attractiveness.
Beethoven’s background and struggles in his childhood helped him to become famous and what he is known for today. He grew up in a middle family class at the time of the social changes. Germany was his home town where he was born in 1770 during a classical period. Beethoven’s father and grandfather were professional musicians and they were aware of the success Mozart had as a child. The father also wanted his son to be successful as a musician also. But Beethoven’s father cruelly made young Beethoven practice for hours which somewhat contributed to his fame. His dream was for his son to make the family rich and happy. But it turned out different Beethoven’s father started drinking for many days and many and nights, Beethoven’s father would sometimes drag him out of bed to practice of play for the guests. Ludwig Van Beethoven’s first public performance was when he was just 7 years old! He was becoming a great pianist and he would often improvise or make up the music as he played. As a teenager Beethoven traveled to Vienna, Austria and got to play for Mozart. Mozart was very impressed at with Beethoven’s talent he told people “keep an eye on this man”. His father taught him to play the violin and piano when he was very young. Making him practice for hours, and often Beethoven was exhausted and in tears.
Beethoven had 3 major personal problems. The first major conflict was after Beethoven’s father started drinking the family’s poverty went up. When Beethoven was 14 he had to give up lessons to support his parents, however he still found time...