Bed Time Story Review

Bedtime Stories

Director:   Adam Shankman
Cast:     Adam Sandler – Skeeter Bronson
Keri Russell       – Jill
Jonathan Morgan Heit – Patrick
Laura Ann Kesling – Bobbi

“Bedtime Stories” is a fairly well written kid’s movie, about keeping hope in one’s goals, while make sure one’s doesn’t lose sight of what is important in life, such as love and family. Film constructed base on the basic structure of 3 acts such as beginning, middle, and ending.

For the beginning, film is starting with a narrative voice of a man, Marty Bronson, in 1974. He introduces himself as the owner of quaint hotel that is also ran by himself and his 2 children. The daughter, at 12 year old is very serious minded and runs the front desk efficiently. And the son, at 10 years old, has a wondrous imagination the motel is debt, and Marty is forced to sell to an English chap by the name of Barry Nottingham. However, Marty will only sell to Barry under the agreement that his son runs the place when he is of age. And this is the basic setup for Skeeter Bronson background, main film’s character – Marty’s son.

A very nice high-angle shot was used to introduce Mr. Marty Bronson when his voice is narrated the story and it’s change smoothly to a long shot to present the place of the story he says that his Motel. The original place that will develop to Nottingham hotel after.

They used the long shot to show the process of build the Nottingham hotel to perform the time pass from 1974 until the present time of film, and it also presents the location of Nottingham hotel

Skeeter is setup as a hotel handyman, and the conflict of the film is starting setup when Nottingham announces plans to build a new hotel he appoints another man named Kendall to become the manager.
After that, the film runs with the relationship of Skeeter with his 2 sister’s kids, and his sister Wendy. In his niece’s birthday (whom he hasn’t seen in 4 years), his sister informs him that the school...